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Thank You For Responding To My Text Message

My name is Bruce, I own a local postcard printing, digital marketing and design business.  I use a proven marketing strategy for Realtors to gain and retain clients for their business.

I send out a Monthly Jumbo Postcard that people in the Las Vegas area will keep and not toss in the trash, to your personal list of past and present clients, family members, friends and favorite groups.  They usually hit the mailboxes around the middle of the month.  I call this your personal list of contacts, or SOI (Sphere of Influence).

I can start as low as 250 Postcards each month.  If you don’t have a list of 250, I can show you how to reach that number.

I then set up a Facebook Ad for your farm area.  I will develop a Business Page for your Real Estate business if you don’t already have one.  This is a 1 mile radius of a target address that you determine.  The farm area will generally include a large number of single family homes, condos etc.  The numbers can reach as high as 10,000.  Obviously, there are only so many Farm Areas available, as we won’t allow more than one agent per area.  The Facebook Ad will change each month.  Home Value Reports, Market Activity, Just Listed or Sold homes are all included.  I retarget these leads as well as find Look Alike Audiences too!  The exclusive leads generated are then followed up with an email drip campaign as well as a text messages as often as each week.

I set up a dedicated mobile website for each of your new listings.

This may sound like a lot but it’s all Done-For-You by me!

You will increase your Listings and Referrals!  I’ve been working with Realtors just like yourself for 30 years!

I have a special gift for you just for responding to this text if you are interested.

Can we set a time to meet in person at your office?  Call me at: 702 837-6666

Or Text me at: 303 877-3798

Best regards,

Bruce Rogat

Program Coordinator  Direct Mail and Facebook Digital Marketing

New Method, LLC dba New Method Marketing


P.S. If you are not interested, please let me know and I will remove you from my “Rolodex”